A minimum of 5 people are required to run a camp and therefore FBPT reserves the right to cancel prior to the start. In the event that we do cancel a BootCamp, your money paid will be held over for the next BootCamp.

Once a course is booked it is non-refundable in the event of non attendance or cancellation.

BootCamp must be paid for in advance and sessions attending booked prior to start of that months BootCamp starting.

In the event of 24hrs notice being given of non-attendance we will endeavour to re-allocate you another session. In the event of a cancellation within 24hrs of the session start the session will remain and no re-allocation will be given.

Sessions not used cannot be carried over to the following month.

If you withdraw from the camp at any point during its duration due to illness or injury (except for an injury suffered during one of the sessions, of which you notify the instructor present at the time) no refund of outstanding sessions will be made or carried over.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in good health and do not suffer from any condition(s) or physical impairment(s) which could prevent you from completing the bootcamp sessions safely. You must notify your instructor prior to commencing any bootcamp session of any such condition(s) or physical impairment(s) which could prevent your safe participation in the bootcamp exercise programme and seek medical advice in respect of the same.

You will be required to complete a PAR-Q Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire which must be completed and sent back to us electronically prior to commencing any boot camp.